O.E.M. Services

We did provide O.E.M (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Service for our customer.

We provide O.E.M service for only TWO Categories of the product which is DETERGENT PRODUCTS and TISSUES & PAPER PRODUCTS.

The condition of doing O.E.M Service is based on the financial & reputation of the customer and ability on M.O.Q minimum order quantity

Customer may need to prove that they have a strong financial & reputation on getting our O.E.M products. Besides that, customer also need to follow our M.O.Q and O.E.M policy.

With our strength in the resources & network with suppliers, we produced the quality detergents with a very low costing compare to competitors.

Besides that, with our best reputation we did produce quality customized detergent (dish wash liquid, floor cleaner, toilet cleaner & etc.) for many high profile customers by providing customized-solutions and for all the business-to-business expectations and requirements. 

It is definitely not hard to see few famous brand selling well in the market is manufacture by us.