Other Hygiene Related Products

This Urinal Deodorizer Block is a non toxic block that can clean and deodorizer for up to 1500 flushes.

Besides that, it is non staining and biodegradable. It can prevents scale buildup and drain clog while deodorizing. Every flush tints the water blue and while healthful bacterial eliminate odors and maintain drain lines.

Packing: 12pcs/ box

Urinal Deodorizer Block

Para Block that can used in urine bowl, drain and toilet.

It help to control the strong smell in the toilet and reduce incoming cockroach and other insect.

Packing: 1KG, 5KG & 20KG per bag/ box

Para Block

This product can be use as manually or put into auto air freshener dispenser for auto use.

Come with various of flavor (Lemon/ Lavender/ Vanilla/ Potpourri & etc.) 


(MOQ: 1 carton per flavor, straightly no mixing of flavor) 

Packing: 290ml x 48cans/ carton; 300ml x 24cans/ carton 

Air Freshener

Available in 4 colours (Red, Green, Yellow & Blue)

Packing: -

Pop Up Tissue Dispenser

Suitable for most JRT that manufactured by most manufacturer.

Please call for more design.

Packing: -

Stainless Steel JRT Dispenser

Jumbo Roll Dispenser that suitable for most JRT that manufactured by most manufacturer.

Please call for more designs.

Packing: -

JRT Dispenser

This product is often used in major shopping mall and hotel's toilet.

It completable using with most HRT that produced by most paper manufacturer.

Please call for more design. 

Packing: -

HRT (Hand Roll Towel) Dispenser

Different designs is available.

Please call for more design.

Packing: -

HBT Dispenser

Hand towel dispenser special use together with paper hand towel in the washroom.

Packing: -

Hand Towel Dispener

This dispenser is suitable to use for foam soap.

Specific hand soap chemical require to use together with this dispenser. 

Packing: -

Foam Soap Dispenser

This dispenser is suitable to use for all hand soap liquid/ dish washing liquid/ body shampoo/ hair shampoo.

Packing: -

Liquid Soap Dispenser

Two compartment dispenser is suitable using at spa, hotel, gym house & etc.

Packing: -

Two Compartment Soap Dispenser

This dispenser is suitable used on all type of liquid soap such as hand soap, dish wash liquid, body shampoo, hair shampoo & etc.

Please call for more design.

Packing: -

Stainless Steel Soap Dispenser

Please call for more information on this product.

Packing: -

Auto Hand Soap Dispenser

Auto function with infrared system that can auto spray during day time or night time or either both.

Can be set to spray every 5 mins to 30 mins.
Operate with 2pcs of D size Battery.

Available in 2 sizes.

Packing: -

Air Freshener Auto Dispenser